Step by step guide

The step by step guide presents an end to end workflow for getting projects up and running.

Audocs Network (AUX) works with labels and artists to create projects. All projects we work-on are available on Audi0FILE. You (artists or labels) won’t need to able to learn or demo any software. For any releases to go live on the Audi0FILE site. This includes Audocs AUX Network, if you opt-in to other available services.

If you can, hire a designer to work on your covers (Vinyl, CD or DVD). And help you create merchandise. From logos to amazing t-shirts and other promotional items. This content is what makes your offer stand-apart. From all the other releases available online. Once processed, Audi0FILE will warehouse, package and deliver your releases. Audi0FILE is a B2C (Business to Customer) service.

If you want Audi0FILE to design your artwork, contact us and request a content manager. But before that, Apply at Audocs by using the Audocs vendor registration form. Once submitted, the form emails to Audocs main office..

A screenshot showing an example of the vendor registration page at Audocs

When do I submit project(s)?

Audi0FILE takes each release along a step by step journey

  • Please allow up to 3-6 months lead time post project approval, for 'Go Live'.
  • Audi0FILE requires the artist or label rep get involved with the process. This creates fair transactions on Audi0FILE, within the lead-time window.
  • The Audocs workflow is helpful for both Audi0FILE and the artist or label rep. Completing each task in every aspect prevents redundancy and errors. Your content manager is here to help you along the way.

My project is approved, but I am unable to fund it!

Audi0FILE implements Ship-Fund initiative:

  • When the music is good or market is available. Audi0FILE works with artists and labels for mutual benefit. We fund many projects per quarter, full or partial. 50/50 splits to 75/25 splits (in favor of the artist).
  • When the project needs market representation, Audi0FILE takes action.
  • When all tasks are complete and financing pressings (CD, Vinyl or DVD) needs options.
  • Audi0FILE's Ship-Fund is a transactional service. Based on Audocs Payment Model at JAMi PROS.

How it works

Ship-Fund finances, designs, manufactures, warehousing and fulfills:

  • Bring together artists, labels, project managers and transactional services from different agencies to aid projects.
  • Before 'GO LIVE', the artists or label rep must engage in the process. The surest way to get what you need is to Do It Yourself. Or hire someone who can. Please, remain professional thru-out the whole process.
  • The release has a market that is available or exclusive need.
  • The release is self-financed thru JAMi PROS.

When your project is ready and approved, Audi0FILE begins shipping and fulfilment. If your project is not ready, it may eventually appear on the Audi0FILE live site.

How Projects Go Live on Audi0FILE.

  1. Merch & Promotional Items are submitted to our Manufacturer, then warehoused in North Carolina.

    A screenshot showing an example of the invenotry listing at Audocs global fulfilment service
  2. Allow 3-5 weeks for all physical merchandise to become inventory and appear on Audi0FILE

    A screenshot showing Audi0FILE home page

You can download the Audi0FILE Project Kit to get started:

Need help?

If you’ve got a question about the Audi0FILE Merch System, contact Audocs.

For pre-production quotes, contact USM.